Joslyn’s interest is to engage viewers in curiosity about other times and places, including myth and fantasy. She invites you into her compositions, in which she buries clues as to the magical or mundane worlds she references. Her small pictures and wall hangings on unstretched cloth use a variety of surface techniques to play with decorative pattern.

Through transparent to opaque layers she creates a play between flat pattern, texture, and the illusion of depth. Her work explores a range of human concerns, from farming, storytelling, celebration, music and dancing, to reverence and awe. Dancing masks, shamanic transitional human/animal figures, celestial forms and bodies of waters, the way humans have shaped the earth to reflect their ties to it–all is of interest in her thought process.

A Professor Emerita at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, who began her teaching career at the Kansas City Art Institute, Joslyn exhibits internationally and has produced commissioned works for firms such as Gropius’ Architects Collaborative; her works also hang in numerous public and private collections. She has published in Oxford’s Art Online. She won a Fulbright Teaching and Research Grant to Peru in 2001-2, and much of her imagery has been informed by studies of Andean and other cultures.